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De geesteswetenschapper als ontmaskeraar van machtsmythes

Dit artikel verschijnt binnenkort in Radix, waar het zal prijken tussen modaal-epistemische argumenten voor het bestaan van God, discussies over intelligent design en artikelen met ‘Dooyeweerd’ in de titel. Helaas zonder Dooyeweerd, maar mét Walter Wink en Richard Beck en … Continue reading

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Dutch Protestant Church files complaint against state for its treatment of illegal immigrants

It’s so easy to be cynical about Christianity, particularly in its institutionalised form, that I was almost shocked when this week’s news made me cheer for the Church not just once, but twice. First, there was the consistently awesome Pope … Continue reading

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On ‘modesty’, the purpose of breasts, and other things.

A while ago, I read an article about the evolution of breasts. I’m not terribly interested in breasts, but the article nicely confirmed my suspicion that evolutionary psychology has very little do do with evolution or science in general and … Continue reading

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