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University lecturer (in linguistics/artificial intelligence) with occasional opinions on religion & social justice-related stuff.

I want a more fair and sustainable academia.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been weirdly fixated on what I’d consider my inevitable future career as An Academic. Somehow, I had picked up on the notion of doctorates, and decided I wanted one – preferably doing … Continue reading

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Mijn mening over Zwarte Piet is niet zo belangrijk

Als je het per se wil weten: ik denk dat Zwarte Piet, hoe onhandig we hem ook proberen te ontdoen van alle sporen van het Nederlandse slavernijverleden, te onlosmakelijk verbonden is aan zijn wortels als racistische karikatuur om ooit iets … Continue reading

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De geesteswetenschapper als ontmaskeraar van machtsmythes

Dit artikel verschijnt binnenkort in Radix, waar het zal prijken tussen modaal-epistemische argumenten voor het bestaan van God, discussies over intelligent design en artikelen met ‘Dooyeweerd’ in de titel. Helaas zonder Dooyeweerd, maar mét Walter Wink en Richard Beck en … Continue reading

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Semantic intermezzo 1: ‘every’ and ‘only’

In the previous research-related post, I’ve introduced the idea that natural language determiners (these little words or phrases that you can put in front of a noun, like a, the, every, three, most, all but one, several, infinitely many…) can … Continue reading

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A paradox: me & my body

(This is a personal story. But there’s a point to it.) I have never liked physical exercise much. Not just that – I also regarded this as a key component of my personality, taking an odd pride in the fact … Continue reading

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Dutch Protestant Church files complaint against state for its treatment of illegal immigrants

It’s so easy to be cynical about Christianity, particularly in its institutionalised form, that I was almost shocked when this week’s news made me cheer for the Church not just once, but twice. First, there was the consistently awesome Pope … Continue reading

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Judgements needed!

Are you a native speaker of (any variety of) English? Do you have some background in linguistics? Do you accept the sentence “There’s three linguists in the garden” as grammatical? If so, I need your judgements! Each question gives you … Continue reading

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