I’m a postdoctoral research associate at the University of York [project website here] trying to figure out the meaning of language, and the meaning of life in my spare time. A while ago I defended my PhD thesis (Utrecht University) which you can find here. You can find out more about my research projects and other interests under the ‘Research’ tab above. This page also contains a list of papers and publications.

Don't stoop to semantics. (Call the Midwife, series 5)

When I’m not stooping to semantics, you will usually find me lost in a Wikipedia black hole and/or the murky waters of some comment section or other. Insofar it’s possible to de-stress in 2018, I like to do so by knitting baby socks. Does your baby need socks? Do get in touch, as they’re piling up.


About hannadevries

University lecturer (in linguistics/artificial intelligence) with occasional opinions on religion & social justice-related stuff.
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2 Responses to Welcome

  1. Marie says:

    We are a fortunate gaggle of people’s to have you in our
    midst dear Scott.

    • hannadevries says:

      I know this is spam (the fact that it’s addressed to Scott is a dead giveaway!), but how can I research group nouns and not approve a comment that talks about a ‘gaggle of people’?

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